Labour and Social welfare

Labour assessment of general or restricted scope involving revision of procedures of labour routine and/or labour litigation of the company, with identification of known contingencies and occult passive.
Examination and elaboration of labour contracts, collective or individual, for common, qualified or high levelled employees.
Administrative resources and defences against main requirement, and fines in social welfare and labour matters.
Proposition and defences in judicial labour claims.
Accompaniment of preparatory or investigatory procedures as well as of inquiry or of Public Civil Action before the Public Labour Ministry with the negotiation of behaviour adjustment terms.
Examination and adequacy of private providence plans.
Assessment in collective negotiations with unions for the establishment of collective labour agreements, involving plans of participation in profit or results, hour banks, and other subjects of collective interest of the company.
Assessment for the implantation of collective agreement for the submission of working conflicts by arbitration.
Assessment in labour and social welfare legislation.
Regularization of social welfare documentation
Labour planning.

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